Stolley Park
Veterinary Hospital

3010 N. North Road   Grand Island, Nebraska  68803  
Phone:  308-384-6272   Fax:  308-384-0984

Our Facilities

We have the latest equipment necessary to provide the best possible care for your pet!

When people first visit Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital, they expect to see something similar to their family practice doctor's office -- receptionist, waiting area, and examination rooms. When you need X-rays, blood tests, a prescription, or surgery, your family physician will typically send you somewhere else.

Our veterinary hospital is equipped to provide many of the services your pet needs in one place! That way you don't have to worry about running all over town because we do it all for you here at Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital.

We also perform the majority of our own blood work and only have to send samples out to another lab under certain circumstances. In the surgical suite below all major sterile surgeries are performed. This includes spays and neuters as well as advanced surgeries such as bone plating and exploratory celiotomy. Our surgical suite is equipped with all the necessary equipment to monitor and provide comfort for your pet.

We are fully equipped with a digital radiograph system so that we may acquire imaging quickly and efficiently to better diagnose your pet. This also allows us to send images to board certified radiologists with ease in order to provide more complete diagnostic information, if needed.

We are also able to perform ultrasounds and endoscopies here on the premises!